Naturally Pure Bottled Water NZ

Naturally Pure New Zealand Ltd is a privately owned and operated New Zealand company specializing in bottled water (glass and PET plastic) boxed water and specialist water products aimed at target markets.


Aquazeal™ is the company’s High-end brand, delivering premium pure bottled water rich in minerals with clean, crisp characteristics. Aquazeal reflects the core values of New Zealand’s most pure resource – water. Aquazeal is Naturally Pure New Zealand’s premium export brand. The uniqueness of New Zealand is encapsulated in the Aquazeal brand offer, pure New Zealand drinking water delivered in a premium contemporary vessel.


We only use the best with the Aquazeal brand – high end flint glass and polished alloy bottles ensure we keep this precious, elite water fresh to serve.


Springfresh™ produces product in PET, Glass and Box and bladder packaging variants. From 350 ml through to 10 l in still and carbonated forms.


It is well balanced water originating from the Southern Alps of the South Island where it spends over 600 years on its journey to the deep aquifers of the Canterbury region, where it is bottled at source at the SpringFresh plant.

The Company has a number of OEM supply agreements in place supplying both local and international markets.


Bottled water | Bringing pure bottled water NZ to the world
Bottled water | Bringing pure bottled water NZ to the world
Aquazeal Black and Aquazeal XX | Bottled water nz
Fundraising Opportunities with Bottled Water


Pure Waters Of New Zealand brings to you "Own Label" bottled water.

Bring your brand to life with your own private label. Ideal for Fundraising events, and to gain awareness of your own brand.


For more information on private label bottled water for your next fundraising project CONTACT US HERE

Don't Hesitate...

Jump on board and start earning cash for your team or school now! For information on Fundraising with SpringFresh click on the PDF link below.


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