10L Box & Bladder

Big Box Pure NZ Drinking Water

In addition to the existing glass and PET plastic bottle production, The SpringFresh water plant will be set up to pack boxed water.


Bag-in-a-box water is rapidly becoming an accepted format for home and office water.


As the format finds its way into the various markets, boxes of water will become available via home and office delivery services and through supermarkets.


10L box and bladder is also available in OEM branded format.

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"Big Box Pure Water is Better"

We wanted to deliver our pure and natural drinking water in the most sustainable way possible.


We needed to find packaging that met our market criteria for performance and cost, and maximised for the use of renewable resources.


We wanted to deliver as much water as possible relative to the cost of the packaging so decided to specialize in large consumer containers.


We decided that our water shouldn't be bottled but boxed, which we believe is a lot kinder to our environment. We estimate that over 80% of our boxes come from a renewable resource, hence our statement - BIG BOX PURE WATER IS BETTER.

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