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Naturally Pure are passionate about Pure Sustainable New Zealand water and how they market it to the world. Everything they do reflects the pride they have in being a New Zealand owned and operated company.


From their choice of recyclable packaging, the renewable source of their waters and their cost effective  and customer friendly product range, Naturally Pure's marketing approach is targeted and well managed.


The range of products available allow Naturally Pure to cater for an extensive target market and wide customer base. These include products for corporate branding and fund raising to bulk waters to their exclusive premuim products, with more innovations underway.


Naturally Pure have strict policies and guidelines in place that allow them to access, produce and market an exceptional range of products. Please take time to read through our information by clicking the links on the right of this page.

Why New Zealand Water is Better


New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world that has unpolluted, renewable fresh water resources of outstanding quality. PURE WATERS OF NEW ZEALAND rates amongst some of the purest natural artesian waters in the world – with less than 80 ppm TDS [total dissolved solids] and zero contamination from pollution, resulting from the absence of industry and a very low population base at the location of the water.


Our natural artesian water begins its life as rainfall on the Southern Alps on New Zealands’ South Island. It spends many years naturally filtering its way to our special, very deep, very pure aquifer at Tai Tapu in Canterbury. Testing has indicated the water to be at least 75 years old, further supporting its purity through this long natural filtration process.


Naturally Pure’s water ranks amongst some of the purest natural waters in the world. The water is sourced from a number of geographic areas within both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. The purity of New Zealand water comes about from a combination of the fact that New Zealand is sparsely populated in the mountainous catchment areas where the aquifers originate and the absence of heavy industry along the journey the water takes to the ocean.


The origin of the water is via evaporation from the Southern Ocean in and adjoining the Antarctic, culminating in precipitation over New Zealand’s mountain ranges, with subsequent accumulation through aquifers and surface flows that then discharge into the South Pacific Ocean. This cycle represents a fully renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested with zero environmental impact. It is estimated that 90% of New Zealand water flows directly through to the ocean.



Our Business / Brands:

  • Naturally Pure

  • SpringFresh

  • Aquazeal Black

  • Aquazeal XX


Our Products:

  • Private Label “Own Brand Bottled Water”

  • 20,000 Year Old “Ice Age” Premium Mineral Water

  • Still and Sparkling Bottled water in PET plastic bottles, glass bottles

  • Premium Quality Water in Alloy Bottles

  • “Bag in a Box” water available in 10 L


Our Distribution Network:

Supermarket Chains and Outlets:

New World, Pak N Save, Foodstuffs, Progressive, Woolworths, Countdown, Air New Zealand (Regional services) 4 Square


“Own Brand” Bottled water for:

  • Fund raising for Sports Clubs, community organisations and Schools

  • Corporate & Social Events

  • Company / Brands such as A J Hackett Ltd, Blax, Wingers, Clearwater, Peppers Restaurant, Millbrook Estate, Kauri Cliffs, Jacks Point, Kiwi Life, Contours gym, City Fitness, Configure Express



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