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Where Our Pure Water Is Sourced


The Tasman property has a single bore the water has been Carbon-dated by GNS at 23,000 years old. There are currently consents in place to take 50 million litres per annum for bottled water production. The consent is every 10 years and is renewed on the 31 May 2017. This water is a truly exceptional mineral water - amongst the best in the world. This property is where Naturally Pure intends to produce its premium pure water product.



The bore that supplies the Company’s SpringFresh water plant is consented for 91.25 million litres per annum and is renewed on 31 January 2035. The plant currently bottles various sizes of PET plastic and glass bottles under the “SpringFresh” brand and contract fills to a number of private brands. Additional plant is being secured to allow production of water in a box product. It also has the capacity to fill 20’ containers with 24,000 litre flexitanks.

Naturally Pure Water Consents.


This map of New Zealand indicates the geographic areas where Naturally Pure has sites and/or arrangements in place to extract water.


Regional and district plans provide rules on whether applications for resource consent will be required in particular circumstances. Conditions may be attached to a resource consent in order to avoid, remedy or mitigate any adverse effects associated with the activity in question. The right to take and use water is covered by the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) which means a Resource Consent will be required in all circumstances. This is different from some other countries, for example Australia, where the right to take water is a legally enforceable right attaching to the title of the land.


The applicable Local Authority sets the rules in their respective District Plans both around how the consents are issued and the duration of the consents. The maximum duration of any consent issued under the RMA is 35 years. Consents are commonly issued for shorter periods and may contain an automatic right of renewal provided the applicant has complied with the conditions of the consent. In any event, all consents are renewable and are under the direct control of the Local Government of the particular District/Region.


Naturally Pure has been deliberate around the sites that it has chosen to own or contract for the supply of water.

  • The water must meet minimum purity standards and be of exceptional quality.

  • A site must offer access to a deep water port that has capacity to grow volumes to accommodate significant bulk freight volumes.

  • It must present multiple points of production and export. This provides some redundancy in the production and export system in the event that there is a problem at a facility or port.

  • Proximity to a major transport arterial, preferably the rail network, and to the port of export is crucial. The company recognizes that logistics will play an important role in the operations of its future partners and has taken this into account in establishing sites.


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