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Working with Naturally Pure New Zealand Ltd


Using Naturally Pure’s water will provide partners/customers the ability to differentiate their product in their own market. New Zealand has an international reputation for being a ‘clean, green and safe’ primary producer and a nuclear-free country. Access to these brand values is possible through a supply relationship with Naturally Pure. The Company also offers unique packaging solutions with a strong emphasis on security of product for the end-user.



Naturally Pure’s partners/customers have access to a substantial quantity of New Zealand water. This provides significant risk mitigation for Naturally Pure’s customers as external factors around water supply and quality are removed. With this supply of water, customers are able to optimise the use of plant and develop markets without being constrained by water supply or quality. In water stressed areas, this will provide the partner/customer a significant advantage over competitors. This advantage will continue to grow as water resources become more stressed and communities move to protect the limited amount of water they do have.



New Zealand water exports carry a significantly reduced risk to any potential partner/customer compared to other countries that could potentially export water. In some countries, the exporting of fresh water remains impossible due to legislation, political and public sentiment. In others, there are critical water shortages. This situation creates an impossible political risk for a partner/customer who wishes to build a long-term supply arrangement with some water exporters. It is estimated that 90% of New Zealand’s fresh water flows to the sea, therefore irrespective of population increases and changes in water use over the foreseeable future, New Zealand will continue to have an abundance of water to meet its own needs and available for export.



Naturally Pure is able to provide access to shipping 365 days of the year from multiple loading points. This provides the ability to scale the volume of water exports to meet the requirements of customers. Other water exporting countries have marginal 12 months a year access to the loading facilities due to climatic conditions and/or have a single point of loading that will create loading congestion that will ultimately limit the volume of water that can be shipped.

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